Tuesday, 4 November 2014

How to Solve Computer & Internet Security Problem

You hear of malicious attempts of hacking and cyber crimes very commonly but have you ever thought of how it affects common people like you? It is very important to understand the atrocity these crimes can cause. Only then, you’ll understand the need of proper security. Millions of computers and networks are hacked every day. If you are not yet a victim, you might be next.

Play station Network

Hacking attempts have crossed that age where it was restricted toenails and web browsers. Sony Play station network has to shut down for days in April 2011 because of external intrusions.

Threat to Intellectual Property

Attempts are made these days to catch hold of someone’s personal information and impersonate him/her for further gain.

Cracking Password

It might sound strange to you, but it takes nearly10 minutes to crack a 6 digit password in lower case. Most people find password just a mere formality and that when they increase the chance of falling prey in the hands of cyber criminals.

These are just few of the factors that we brought in front of your eyes. In reality, the problems are infinite and unfortunately, most people are victimized because of their own negligence or lack of technical understanding. This is why; MyTechGurus brings affordable online technical support services for people like you who care for their computer, but unfortunately lack of time or enough technical understanding do everything by them. Our service includes everything from fixing all computer security vulnerabilities to providing ace security solutions to minimize further hacking and cyber crime attempts.

So, take up the facility and solve all your computer worries in least possible time.

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