Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Four Inexpensive and Elementary ways to enhance your Wi-Fi Connection

Slow internet just stresses your patience and it is complete wastage of time as well as money. If you are not getting the most out of what you pay for, it really feels jolting and heartrending. You pay a good amount for the unlimited internet service per month, which is a big chunk to your budget being a low to medium breadwinner.
All that you need is a sleek internet connection, but the problem is that you all perceive that resolving the internet issue is a rocket science and it could be only handled by the tech geeks. If you are an average household user, you can go through tips given below to rev up your internet connectivity.

Check your Security Settings

Do not let anyone use internet connection via your Wi-Fi by revealing the name and password of your network. Always opt for WPA2 in the security settings of your router. Do not miss to change the settings of your wireless connection so that hackers do not get an opportunity to intrude your network. You can also choose a setting to make your wireless network undiscoverable when someone is seeking an available Wi-Fi network. Generally what happens when number of people uses a same wireless network, it bogs down the speed for each user.

Be Diligent with the Location of your Router

An appropriate location for your router is somewhere that should be high. The reason being radio waves go downwards in a lateral position. Just determine the position of your wireless where you can get maximum output. Make sure your device is not in closer proximity to microwaves and cordless phones in order to shun interference.

Replace your Antenna

If you just keep on changing the location of your router and not getting a desirable result, you can buy a directional antenna. This signal range of this antenna travels in a specific direction. If you want the best signal where you stay while surfing the internet, you just need to point out the camera to that particular direction.

Nowadays Wi-Fi routers are available with a short antenna and that is omni-directional, passing the signal in every direction.

Install a Repeater

A repeater is instrumental in boosting up the speed of internet connection. It is used between the computer and the router you are using. There is no need of any additional wires or any kind of connection to use it.

Just implement this inexpensive and easy tips and beef up your productivity.

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